WordPress vs. SquareSpace

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How to set up Stripe for WooCommerce

If you are thinking about creating an eCommerce website or have one already with WooCommerce installed, chances are you need to capture credit card payments. Find out how to set up Stripe for WooCommerce. One of the easiest ways to do this is with Stripe. We will cover how to set up these tools to


WordPress vs. Shopify

WordPress vs Shopify Why would one compare WordPress vs Shopify? To answer an on-going question that a lot of companies find themselves asking – ‘Which is better for an e-commerce website or an online store?’ Continue reading for a full examination of each platform and their key features. We will also include reasons why you


Small Business Marketing Guide

Marketing, be it online, in person, locally, or yelling through a blow horn inviting people into your business is important for your business. There are a lot of different tactics, channels, and companies/vendors to balance, learn from, manage, etc. The Balance SMB has a Small Business Marketing Guide with four steps that every small business