Critical Google Analytics Metrics You Should Track

Critical Google Analytics Metrics You Should Track

4 Reasons why Google Analytics Rocks!

Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool for all websites, since it allows you to measure every aspect of your customers. There are different metrics measured on Google Analytics, and if you aren’t familiar with the importance of those metrics, it can be difficult to create and execute your digital strategy. To allow you the advantage in creating a solid digital strategy, here are some of the Google Analytics metrics that you should be tracking:

1.    New or unique visitor conversion

It is important for you to keep track of new visitors interacting with your websites, and returning visitors, so that you can measure the difference in improving the experience for visitors. This means focusing on what improves the overall experience for visitors so that they re-visit your website.

2.    Return visitor conversion

When visitors return to your website, you should focus on two things, why they returned, and did they convert when they arrived the first time? If they didn’t, you must find out why that was the case, because even if they didn’t convert, you made an impression on them.

3.    Value per visit in Google Analytics

Every visitor that visits your website is valuable to your business, and if you want to take full advantage of conversions on your website, you must track the value per visit. This means measuring the total number of visits, and the number of conversions on your website. It can be difficult to measure this accurately, because every website measures value differently.

4.    Google Analytics Bounce rate

The main goal for every website is to increase the return visitor conversion, interactions per visit, and value per visit on their website. They also want to reduce bounce rate of visitors, which can be measured by calculating how many new visitors visit and leave the website immediately. You must track this metric to figure out why that is the case, and how you can reduce bounce rate on the website.

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