Reasons Why Adobe Flash Player is Still Important Today

Reasons Why Adobe Flash Player is Still Important Today

HTML5 is already on the rise, which shouldn’t be news to many of you, but what is interesting is that Adobe Flash is about to become obsolete. Apple has already highlighted the lack of touch support, security issues, and poor performance of Flash. It has been labeled as an outdated and older technology that is about to be retired in favor of better updates. However, Adobe Flash isn’t going to die out without a fight, and it still has lots to offer to the technological world.

So, let’s look at some of the reasons that indicate why Adobe Flash Player is still important today:

1.      Gaming

When you talk about game design, you get universal deployment, quick results, and a widely-used programming language from Flash. There have been major developments made in HTML5 but when talking about mobile devices, there is one clear winner, and that is Flash.

2.      Video content delivery

Flash is like a PDF format, because it delivers consistent experiences irrespective of the resolution or device you are using. All you need is a support for Flash to play music of videos with no problems, and even though HTML5 is a better version, not everyone is using it.

3.      Ad creation

Everyone hates those pop-up ads that come on your screen, when you don’t have your ad-blocker activated right? Those are banners created by using interactive slides, sounds, and animations with Flash. There may be other technologies more adept at making ads, but Flash lets you track the number of clicks as well! This is one of the main reasons why so many advertisers and major ad networks continue using Flash.

4.      Keeping businesses going

Flash is one software solution that maybe outdated, but it is still being used by businesses all over the world. Most businesses haven’t upgraded to HTML5 because they haven’t found the incentive to change their software solutions from Flash. The reason for that is because Flash is a reliable program that continues delivering for businesses.

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