How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Content Marketing Success

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Content Marketing Success

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools out right now, but using it can be confusing for some people because of all the different metrics on there. What should you be looking at? And how do you measure the different metrics to find the right answer? The world of Google Analytics can make your head spin, and when it comes to content marketing, it gets even more confusing.

Most marketers believe that creating more content will get them results, and will put them on the road to success for content marketing. However, that isn’t the case, and if you know how to use Google Analytics to measure content marketing success, you will find the answers. We are going to help you find the answers by providing you with details on how to use Google Analytics properly:

1.      Measuring page views

One of the easiest ways to measure content marketing success is by checking the page views. This will tell you about the popularity of the individual piece, and what type of pieces are getting the most views on the website.

2.      Measure page views by source

If you want to find out what is the best marketing medium for attracting visitors on your website, you must look at measuring page views by source. This will tell you what pieces are attracting visitors, and from which platform, and which ones can be improved to drive more traffic.

3.      Measure page views by title

Do you know what titles are getting the most clicks? You can easily find that out by measuring page views by titles, which will show you whether your clickbait titles are working, or if using numbers in titles is translating in more clicks.

4.      Measure referral visits

Are you getting visitors from other websites? You can measure that by looking at the referral visits, which will show which content pieces are resonating with audiences on other websites and are being linked by them.

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