The Importance of Having a Website

The Importance of Having a Website

We live in a digital world. A website used to be an afterthought when one thought about starting a business. Now, a website is a necessity for a business, regardless of its size. The importance of having a website should not be overlooked.

If you don’t have a website and have a business, it is like not having a storefront in the most prominent and busiest mall/shopping center/convention center. A website is often used to execute different marketing strategies that help the business grow. The internet and Search Engine Optimized Websites have a much wider reach than any other form of marketing. It takes time to up traffic to your website. There’s a good chance it will take a while to make a beneficial impact on your bottom line. A website should be the center of your company’s online presence. Through your business’ website, you can advertise your products and services around the internet on social media sites, with pay-per-click campaigns, through SEO, with curated and original content, through content marketing, with email, and the list goes on.

Increasing the visibility of your business website should be a major factor in your business goals. Research shows that even when people are aware of your company, they carry out research online before buying. Websites can provide maps and directions, company and staff profiles, contact information, and more.

The credibility that having a website brings to your business is another primary reason why having a website for your business not only makes sense but is a requirement. By recognizing the importance of having a website, you are setting up your business for success. Consider a business website your opportunity to tell consumers why they should trust you, your project, or your service. How many times haven’t you searched for a product or service online to see what people are saying about the company or brand? In addition to giving the business credibility, a website will help give the impression that your company is more significant than it may be; and that’s ok. Many consider one of the great things about the internet is that the size of your business does not matter. If you have a great product or service, a good website, word-of-mouth will likely spread. A website helps you position your business to rank for relevant search term and phrases so that your customers can find you.

It is not uncommon for small companies to get their sites to ranking in Google ahead of larger competitors with bigger budgets. Our ability to rank on Google is part of the reason why a website is even more critical for a small business than a big one as it can level the playing field. Heck we do it all the time.

Additionally, websites are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Let’s repeat that: sites are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If you sell a physical or digital product, it needs to be online. Wouldn’t you want your brink and mortar store to be open as much as humanly possible?

Before the internet era that we live in today, people used to spend their time wandering in malls and stores to shop. Not any longer. The internet and websites have changed how people shop altogether. Now, with a few clicks of a button or a few touches on a smartphone, you can have just about anything delivered to your doorstep: from dog food to medication.

Smart businesses realize the importance of having a website is invaluable and have their websites that showcase their products and services so that existing and potential customers can browse and buy from the comfort of their own homes. Having a website and strategy allows you to market your product or service online. There are lots of marketing strategies and tactics that you can use to market your business and drive traffic to your site. For the most part, all online marketing tactics have been proven to be useful to one degree or another. The ones that will work for your business will depend on the type of company, product, or service you are bringing to market.

In summation, it is imperative for every business, small business, mid-sized business, and enterprise business to have a website. The more professional, user-friendly, and functional that your website is the better. Schedule a digital consultation today to find out how we can help you create a business website. Thank you for reading our post on the importance of having a website.

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