Website Design and Development Guidelines to Follow in 2018

Website Design and Development Guidelines to Follow in 2018

In the global marketplace, today, you must do more than simply have a digital presence. Competition in the market is extremely tough, and if you want to make an impact on your competition, then you must invest in a new website. The internet is full with poor website designs, which don’t deliver quality content and technically inferior. You may think that this may put off developers and clients, but surprisingly it has become the norm for many to make do with poor website development and designs.

Things are looking better in 2018, as customers no longer want to visit bad websites, and this has sparked a mad rush for website development professionals. If you have an outdated or poor website, you must invest in updating your website completely. Here are some of the best guidelines for website design and development in 2018:

1.      Fast Loading

If there is one thing that clients value over anything else is their own time. No one has the patience to sit around waiting for a website to load, so make sure you improve the launch speed, and load times of your website. You can check the current website speed, and then figure out ways to improve its speed.

2.      Mobile Ready

Everyone is surfing the internet on smartphones and tablets, which means that websites today must be mobile ready and responsive to different devices. You must focus on creating a mobile-friendly and engaging design, which allows audiences to access it on any device they choose.

3.      Tracking Enabled

You should ensure that your website is tracking all data, because analytics matter. Your website should be designed with the goal of tracking key indicators like conversions, goals, and traffic.

4.      SEO Savvy

One of the most important things your website needs is complete SEO optimization. Forget about everything on the list, because if you don’t have an SEO savvy website, you won’t have anything. Search engines rank SEO savvy websites higher, which is why you should focus on including XML sitemaps, schema, SEO tags, and more on your website.

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