Why is Google Analytics Important and How to Use it?

Why is Google Analytics Important and How to Use it?

You must have come across the terms ‘website statistics’ and ‘website analytics’, and wondered their importance and relevance for your business. To help you understand these terms better, we must delve into the importance of Google analytics, and how you should use them.

What are website analytics?

Website analytics is all about the reporting, analysis, and measurement of customers on your website to improve and optimize your services. It is data related to:

  • Who visits your website.
  • How they got there.
  • What they did once they landed there.
  • Where they went afterward.

There are lots of different apps that provide you with website analytics, and our recommendation is to use Google Analytics, since it offers comprehensive free analytics.

How should I use analytics?

There are lots of different Analytics tools that help you acquire data related to your website, but what should do with that data? The main purpose of collecting that data is to improve your services, and understand what kind of experience the average visitor has on your website. It allows you to refine your digital strategy, and improve your conversion metrics.

Once you have understood the different measurement metrics, you can easily make changes to your digital strategy. It is important that you understand what changes need to be made to improve your services, and Google Analytics helps you do that.

Why are analytics important?

Analytics are very important for your website because they allow you to understand the behavior of visitors on your website, and help you understand how you can optimize your website. This is done to improve your conversions, by refining and optimizing your digital strategy. When you track the different metrics in Google Analytics, you get a detailed account of which strategy works and which isn’t driving results for your business.

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