Web Design

Web Design

Image is Everything…

No, we’re not remembering Andre Agassi and his iconic slogan for Canon, we’re referring to the importance of image and visual appeal on the web. You have some 5 to 15 seconds to convince your website visitor to stay on your site. Without an impressive web design it’s almost impossible to convert your site traffic into leads and sales. If you want your target market to discover your site, you need to have the work of expert web designers embellishing your website.

So what’s your image? Your website says a lot about your business. You have to use smart web designing to make sure your site says the right things, or risk being ignored on the web.

What Web Design means for your Website & Business

Web design can mean the difference between your target marketing flocking to your front door and you waiting for your first sale. Whether you are running a business based on your website or not, you want people to visit, explore and take the desired action on your website. Good web designing can:

  • Improve Site & Location Traffic
  • Boost Conversion Rates
  • Increase Click-through Rates
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Gather Data on Your Audience
  • Facilitate Creating & Growing an Email List

Our Web Design Process

The web designing process comprises many things, all of which are geared to doing just that. A web designer is, or at least should be, responsible for:

  • Research & Planning
  • Creation of Site Structure
  • Visual Design
  • Site Development
  • Testing
  • Launch

Most web designers fail to deliver is in the first phase listed above. The web designers at Astound.Media always base their website designing process with solid research and planning. Only after understanding your business, industry, target market and objectives (which we do swiftly), do we start the actual designing. We always keep your specific requirements in mind, thereby designing the most appropriately stunning website you could have hoped for. Our steps are as follow:

  • Requirements Gathering: Using our Web Requirements Gathering Template we will work with you to gather as much information as possible. We want to know what your short and long-term goals are so that we can plan accordingly.
  • Solutions Documentation: We use the requirements gathered and then leverage our team’s experience to craft a plan to deliver a website that meets your functional and technical requirements. Note, all of this happens before we start developing so that we can make sure we’re aligned with your goals.
  • Development: Now that we are aligned, our designers and developers get to work. We will reach out with questions if needed but the bulk of the planning has already been done by this point so it is usually pretty seamless.
  • Beta-Launch & Testing: A beta launch is much like a soft launch. We always recommend a soft launch. This enables us to test all of your website’s functionality thoroughly and make sure everything functions as you would like. As we uncover bugs or changes that need to be made we log them and then fix them.

The Two Types of Web Designing

Our expansive experience has taught us that there are two types of web design;

  1. One that works, and
  2. One that doesn’t.

Rest assured that we specialize in the 1st type. Because we eliminate mediocrity from our perception, we look at web designing through these two extreme views. At Astound.Media, good enough is not good enough. When we say our websites work, we mean they help you achieve the objectives of your website.

Code, Creativity & Cost-Effectiveness

While some web designers welcome the notion of being artists others feel proud as technical experts. Whichever the case, their worth ultimately depends on their ability to combine the best web development technology with their creativity and offer this combination on affordable terms. The web designers at Astound.Media know how to channel their creativity through the best designing tools & technologies available. And since we are so efficient at doing that, we are able to do that for you at highly competitive rates. This rare combination of code, creativity and cost-effectiveness invariably translates into your boosted bottom lines.

Design Capabilities

We are experts in all common CMS applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many others. WordPress is our preferred platform, however, given its versatility.

We embrace current standards including HTML 5, CSS3, Web 2.0 best practices and other emerging technologies. We were the masters of Adobe Flash but then everyone stopped using it. We’ve moved on, however. We have an eye on the future but don’t embrace technology for technology’s sake.  We focus on your needs and what will meet them, and keep it as simple as possible, whenever possible.

Designing Your Success

If we have done our work right (which we always do), you can achieve the goals you set for your website and online business and enjoy the success you envision and deserve. When you hire Astound.Media for your website development project, rest assured that the best website designers in the industry go to work for you. Our web designing helps you:

  • Enhance and Measure Your ROI
  • Build a Better Brand
  • Expand your Business

Achieve & Maintain a Competitive Edge

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I have a diverse background and experience that qualifies me as an expert. This includes consulting for enterprises, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations.

My areas of focus include marketing strategy development, marketing operations design and optimization, marketing automation, sales operations, content development, content marketing, content monetization, web development, design, and information architecture.

I pride myself on being technical, strategic, and tactical. I work well as the liaison between the technical and non-technical project stakeholders, and I work diligently to achieve results.