Optimizing Your Digital Brand Narrative

Optimizing Your Digital Brand Narrative

In a world where users spend only seconds browsing search engine results pages, content is king. Building a digital brand narrative will give your business a greater sense of professionalism and create trust between you and your customers. Check out this October 2019 article published by the American Marketing Association, “How to Optimize Your Digital Brand Narrative“, featuring recommendations and insights from the founder of Astound.Media, Jorge Leger.

Learn more about best practices for optimizing your online content through:

1. Purposeful Search Engine Optimization

“SEO is vital to a brand’s strategy and digital brand positioning. If your customers are searching for the products or services that you offer and you are not in front of them, they won’t buy.”

2. Strategic Social Media

“Building a social media strategy helps the brand to project a ‘personality’ and build rapport with the target audience.”

3. Engaging Content

“Embrace content marketing. The more useful content that you create for your prospective customer, the better. It not only gives you the means to optimize and get ranking on search engines, but it also provides something useful to your users.”

While SEO determines how your website will rank on SERP’s, you’ll need interesting, informative and up-to-date content in order to drive that SEO. Take the time to build a brand narrative that speaks to your customers by creating a unified approach to SEO, social media and web content.

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