How to Find Keywords with Search Console Reporting by MonsterInsights

How to Find Keywords with Search Console Reporting by MonsterInsights

Running a successful business alone is difficult enough. Learning how to find keywords is absolutely something most small business owners don’t have the time nor the energy for. However, the reality is that you will struggle massively online without the use and correct placement of keywords.

Whether you own a WordPress website or any other, finding the proper keyword and positioning them properly is the key to success online. This is the reality. Unless you want to spend hours upon hours learning ins and outs of SEO and consequently neglecting your business, we advise you to use a simple tool that will make this super easy.

How To See The Keywords People Use To Find Your Website

Do you know which keyword are bringing you traffic to your site? Do you struggle to get people to your site in the first place? Are you spending tons of money on ads? Ads are OK, but the second you stop running them, poof, there goes the traffic. On the other hand, finding keywords that will do this for you for years to come and bring you ORGANIC traffic is what you really need to be successful online.

Search Console Reporting by MonsterInsights can solve this problem for you.

The use of free Google Analytics data and connecting it to your MonsterInsights account has amazing power. This is done very easily, without the need of any coding. However, you must have your properties (websites/domains) added to your Google Analytics account and Google Search Console account and connected the two [].

1.) You install MonsteInsights Plugin within your WordPress dashboard []

2.) Connect Google Analytics data to your MonsterInsights account []

By performing the above steps, you’ll be able to view Search Console Reports within your WordPress dashboard (Insights » Reports) you will know which keyword are you already ranking for.

This gives you the advantage and tells you where to place your focus, as it can be oftentimes easier to improve on the keywords you are already ranking for than to rank for new ones. Further, it tells you whether your SEO strategy is working as you see if you are ranking for the keywords you’ve been targeting.

We recommend Search Console Reporting by MonsterInsights to all small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations that do not have the technical know-how internally. Let the Search Console Reporting by MonsterInsights be your new favorite SEO manager. Simply download and active this powerful plugin today.

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