Why Migrating to WordPress Can Benefit Your Small Business

Why Migrating to WordPress Can Benefit Your Small Business

Small businesses must maintain a reliable and scalable web presence to survive in their marketplace, let alone remain competitive. This is why we recommend using WordPress for a Small Business. The cutthroat nature of the business world doesn’t have any place for mistakes and weaknesses, and that is why most small businesses tend to fail. They either don’t have the budget for expensive web solutions or exclusive support contracts that guarantee quality. However, there is a way that allows small businesses to compete, and it is known as WordPress.

The Content Management System is being adopted by small businesses and enterprise firms, due to the technical advantages it offers. So, let’s check out the reasons why migrating to WordPress (WP) can benefit your small business:

WordPress (WP) is expandable, flexible and affordable.

There is one great thing about WP; it offers an extensive range of plugins that have allowed businesses to add new features to their websites. It also provides complete freedom and control over what to install on the platform. It is so easy to create your own custom code if you want, and small businesses don’t need to invest a large about of money to make a successful website on WordPress.

WordPress supports responsive development

Every business wants to gain an edge over their competitor by developing websites that feature a responsive design and is mobile. WP offers small businesses with responsive development, with different themes and designs. Most of the themes are responsive by default, and you can choose to either use the base designs or add other responsive front-end frameworks offered by WP.

WordPress is scalable

Among many other reasons; why it is such an excellent platform for small businesses is because it is scalable, and is built with core web technologies. Therefore, businesses don’t need to reinvent their websites to take their online visibility, because they can make changes quickly to their website thanks to the scalability of WordPress.

WordPress is SEO friendly

One of the most significant technical advantages that WP offers small businesses is that it is SEO-friendly. If you want to make SEO more manageable, you may have to install plugins, but WP allows natural search engine optimization with its superior content management system. Great news for small businesses, since they don’t need to spend a lot of money on SEO for their website.

WordPress is constantly updated

Another great reason why migrating to WordPress will benefit your business is that WP gets updated constantly. It averages around two updates a month, and last year was updated no less than 20 times! That ensures that your website runs smoothly, and all bugs and issues are fixed quickly.

WordPress supports multisite and multilingual functionality

When WP version 3.0 launched, it opened new doors for small businesses, because that allowed WP to support multiple sites easily. Migrating to WP is an excellent idea because it offers multilingual functionality as well, with specialist plugins. This means that your website gets the best website platform on the internet, at a fraction of the cost when you migrate to WordPress.

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